Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide children with a complete
musical education, and to offer them a childhood full of
music and happiness. We strongly believe the training and
activities we provide can foster harmony and balance in
personality, and build a sense of honor and responsibility,
discipline, self-confidence and teamwork. Our sister
ensemble, Taipei GloryStarChorus, has been one of the
most prestigious children's choral group in the world over
the past 40 years. Continuing their tradition, we hope to
achieve a similar level of musical excellence and community
involvement here in Los Angeles.

Our History:

The Los Angeles GloryStar Children's Chorus was founded
by Professor Chuan-Shien Lu and Hsin-Hsin Yen Lee in
1995 in Southern California, with the aspiration of extending
all the benefits of the GloryStar tradition to overseas children.
Our repertoire includes modern music, musicals, with an
emphasis on classical and folk music presented in the
original language. For the past 14 years the chous has seen
tremendous progress, receiving praise and invitations to give
performances at locations including Lincoln Center, the
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Harvard University, Rockefeller
Center, and the Taiwan National Normal University
Music Department.

Our Staff:

Director: Hsin-Hsin Yen Lee - Bio
Piano Accompanist & Ensemble Teacher: Chia-Wen Tsai - Bio
Teacher: Vanessa Lam - Bio
Piano Accompanist: Frederic Lee - Bio


Professor Chuan-Shien Lu and GloryStar Chorus 2007