This is an exceptional experience that will enable all preschool-aged children (3-6 year olds) to reach their full potential in singing, ear-training, vocabulary and body movement skills.


Intermediate is the entry level for new singers 6 - 9 years old, as well as the next level for progressing beginners. Intermediates study music theory, sight singing, ear training, and the basics of good vocal production.Continue to master vocal and reading skills, focusing on skills needed for advanced chorus. Curriculum includes reinforcing and teaching theory and sight singing. Emphasis on more complex vocal technique, musicianship, and development in 3 part harmony.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir will continue emphasis on musicianship, vocal technique, and theory. Concert Choir members learn to sing intermediate-level repertoire in foreign languages. The Concert Choir level is designed as a level where singers who have intermediate musical ability. The Concert Choir group travels each year, having performed in China, Washington D.C., and Lincoln Center, NYC, etc.


Avery FisherHall, Lincoln Center 2009